Power Your Next Adventure With Argo

Argo™ is a FREE mobile Social & Navigation App made for boaters by boaters. Connect with others while out on the water, plan trips with your friends, learn about popular boating spots, and safely navigate the waters. Download Argo today and become a part of the future of boating!

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Enhance Your Boating Experience

Customized Boating Experience

Customized Map Data

You control what you see on your map. From map data to points of interest you are in control!

Accurate Data

Precision Depth Data

Our proprietary technology gives you one of the most accurate depth data sets available.

Social Boating Community

Community-Focused Boating

Learn from locals and experts and share your experiences with others.

Social Boating

Build Connections

Invite old friends and meet new ones.  Create and join groups.

Share Location

See where your friends are on the water and keep them posted on your whereabouts.

Share Experiences

Share your journeys and places visited with pictures and stories.

Argo Social Boating

Real-Time Reporting

Join the Discussion

Create your own reports and add value to the community. Comment on other reports to ensure accuracy.

Custom Views

Customize your map so you only see what you need.

Improved Safety

Get the latest water hazards, weather and other potential issues to put you on the safest route.

Argo Real-Time Reporting

Smart Points of Interest

Popular Attractions

Find the best spots to visit on or near the water with recommendations from other boaters.

Up-to-Date Info

Points of interest are continually updated with current pictures, descriptions and comments.

Community Reviews

Know all there is to know with reviews about local beaches, marinas, stores, restaurants, and more.

Argo Smart Points of Interest

Captain’s Log

Log Places

Automatically save places you’ve visited, or places reported along the way. Add photos and comments and Argo will keep a log for you.

Log Voyages

Save your voyages, both routes and tracks, along with any reports, photos and comments made.

Share Voyages

Share your voyages with friends and family so they can see where you went or follow your same route.

Argo Captain's Log

Touch & Go Navigation

Smarter Planning

Plan your trip before you get out on the water. Check out your ETA.

Where To?

Setting a destination has never been so easy. Simply let Argo know where you want to go or just tap the map and go.

Intelligent Autorouter

Argo calculates the quickest and safest route customized for your boat.

Argo Touch & Go Navigation

Be a part of the next generation of boaters!

Download Argo today and become a part of the future of boating!

Download Argo on the App StoreDownload Argo on the Google Play Store